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This Site is being Swallowed Up by Other non-discriminatory sites like Glassdoor. I'm sorry to see the site suffer from other job site's competition. You don't find a discussion board at indeed, or others because its business model is not focused on the "community of Primavera operators". Given the new Oracle updates and tech requirements on the user/admin, this discussion board is really needed NOW. It was a leader in the Primavera Job Advert Mkt. and discussion board sites.

I don't think it is a profit motivated site as the other mass job search sites, it had more respect for the community of Primavera users. Perhaps it needs to morph into a central site for specifically "all current primavera jobs offered". It appears that other job search sites steal each others job advertisements using a search engine and re-post them on their sites.

Perhaps this site needs new efforts to build it back again to prominence in the singular focus of Primavera.

I would consider buying it, to re-focus and build it back again if the owner would contact me for a discussion about my ideas.

I have always liked the simple layout and listing Job Description, Date of Advert, Location

Travis Bodine PCSG-Global 505-659-1470

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