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Dear aggravated and possibly na´ve job searcher,

There are TONS of internet scams posted everywhere, posing as employment advertisements. Some of them are very convincing. We realize you're up against a wall... the house payment is due... you MUST find a job quickly. But please don't make the situation worse.

Here are just a few tips for spotting a scam on employment advertisements. I hope that all you experienced job searchers reading this may also share your tips for spotting tricksters!

1) The application process requires that you submit your social security number and/or birthdate:

IT IS A SCAM. Do not EVER give out that information. You haven't had a job interview yet. You don't even know if you want or can do the job. The "HR Rep" insists that it is "part of the process." It's a scam. I don't care if they have a really nice website to "prove" that they are a real company and they promise to "protect that sensitive informtion." My 22 year old niece has a really nice website for her "company."

2) The headhunter INSISTS that you must submit references and their respective contact information with your resume submittal. The headhunter will insist that it is "part of the process."

IT IS A SCAM. You haven't had a job interview yet. You don't even know if you want or can do the job. The headhunter has posted a phony or expired job description that she copied and pasted from somewhere else and is looking for sales leads. The headhunter will harass your golden references to the ends of the earth and then they will insist that you remove their name(s) from your reference list.

3) Be careful of what you sign. The headhunter aka "executive search firm" insists you must sign some papers before you can go on the interview they've arranged. You have not interviewed with the hiring authority yet. You do not even know if you want or can do the job.

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. IT IS A SCAM. Look for a clause in the document they wish to quickly get past your unwary eyes. I have seen clauses and claims that, in so many words state something along the lines of "If our client offers you a job and you do not accept the position, you are required to pay us the commission we would have received as a result of the placement." Perhaps it's best to avoid headhunters altogether!

4) Job seekers NEVER EVER EVER pay someone else money with regard to obtaining a job. Not to a headhunter. Not to an agency. Not to the employer for "training." If they insist that it is "part of the process" walk away and alert your fellow job seekers immediately. IT IS A SCAM.

Please chime in with any more suggestions and heads up that may help the unwary job searcher to avoid being ripped off.

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